AddToCart functionality

Hi team ,

I have gone through the testsuit-posters both advanced testsuit and normal , In both scenarios used Ajax calls to add the product to the cart. Can you give me the same scenario by selecting size with a dropdown using HtmlPageUtils.selectRandomly and clicking the AddtoCart button there after checking the minicart items .
Thanks in advance .

HtmlPageUtils.selectRandomly taking the perameters are form and selectname but in my scenario we do not have selectname in this case how can i overcome please help me on this .

We cannot help you because we don’t have any knowledge about the page structure, call format, or other details of your application.

It is a programming task to match required data to available data and vice versa. The method you quote is just a utility method we wrote based on what we have found in most of our projects. Check its source code and see what else might be possible based on the API calls in the utility method.

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