Can any one help me on Running the Load Testing on Linux instance?

I’m using the Windows system and calling - AWS Linux instance for running the Load test for different operating systems, I have followed the steps given in the user-manual and initiated Agent from the Linux Instance but unable to connect to the Agent server?

The OS is not important here. It is important that you can reach your system with the agent as well as connect.

Please verify:

  • You started the agent controller on the remote machine
  • You have opened the port in the firewall config likely port 8500


Thanks for your suggestions @[rschwietzke],

I have configured the port in in the remote machine, my remote machine is AWS Linux Machine.
I have installed Java with jdk-16_linux-x64_bin and I have started the Agent Controller in Remote Machine as well, please check the attached file

I have followed all the steps as mentioned in the User Manual for- Run the Load Test, still the Agent Controller is not starting, please check the attached Image, on starting the agent “No Action is Performing”, Iam not sure Agent started successfully or Not.

Please suggest Is any configuration is missing for starting the Agent Controller in AWS Linux Machine.

Even though After starting My AWS Linux Machine Agent Controller and I have started the Master Controller in my work-space by configuring the same Agent Port number in my MasterController.Properties, here I cant able to connect to the Agent Controller, Please check the Attached image, getting Timeout Exception “HessianRuntimeException”.

The Agent Controller usually does not print anything to the console, but only to its log file in xlt/log/agentcontroller.log. So having no output on the console is normal. But it is a good idea to check the log file. If there is nothing in there, the agent controller should be running okay.

Seems as if you configured your agent controller to listen at port 8559, right? Did you make sure that this port is opened in the firewall of the AWS machine? Opening a port typically requires modifying the default AWS security group in the region where your machine is running. Alternatively, you may also create a special security group and assign that one to your AWS machine instance instead of the default security group.

Thanks for the information :white_check_mark: