Can anyone help me on this Error:- On starting the MasterController, getting "exit code: 1" Error,

I am using the AWS Linux instance as my AgentController Machine, I have started the AgentController and on starting the MasterController, getting an “exit code: 1” Error in my Agent Machine, Please check the Attached file.
Please suggest how to fix this Issue

ERROR [Thread-16] - Agent ac001_00@localhost exited unexpectedly (exit code: 1).

The agent controller started the agent process (which in turn will execute the load test scenarios), but the agent process failed and returned with an error exit code. We now have to find out why the agent process failed. To this end, please inspect the agent log files “agent.log”, “agent-stdout.log”, and “agent-stderr.log” in directory “xlt/agent/ac001_00/results” on your AWS machine.

You can also just download the results with option 1) and these files will end up on your local disk.

Select the data to be downloaded:
 (1) Measurements, result browser data, and logs [all]
 (2) Measurements and result browser data
 (3) Measurements only
 (c) Cancel

Thanks for your information :white_check_mark: