Can i add Average number of products to AddtoCart from the range of (1 to 4)

Hi Team,

Can i configure the number of products to be added based on average number for Addtocart screen

Ex: Avg 2.1
the number of products added to the cart if we run 7 times are 1,2,2,4,1,2 and 3 and the avg is 2.1

So based on average the the random value should be take

Sumanth P

Sorry, I don’t follow you. Can you please elaborate a little more.

Hi @rschwietzke thanks for the reply ,
I need to configure the cart size is an Average 2.1 , can you please help on this ?

Thanks ,
Sumanth P

Read a property from the configuration specifying a cart size desired. You can use the distribution feature (see to get yourself a variable number into a test case. You have then to take care yourself of the proper iterations in the test to fill the cart to the desired size.