Can we automate paypal payment gateway

Hi team,

I have a scenario to automate paypal payment gateway in load test

When i click on the button it will redirect to popup login window with userid and password

Thanks ,
Sumanth P

Paypal in load testing is horrible… or do you run a real browser and do test automation?

We are just wanted in loadtest not in real browser

You have to build the full Paypal communication manually including tokenization and encryption pieces. The JS they use is not compatible with the JS HtmlUnit supports. You might want to google for Paypal and JMeter and translate what you find to XLT, if this is something that work at all.

Be warned: Load testing Paypal is not what you are looking for, because you mainly load test Paypal and not your solution. Don’t confuse this with functional testing. It might not be worth the effort to load test this flow at all.

Paypal also changes the implementation of the flow often, so your script might suddenly be void.

We have had several Paypal implementations already and always had to update and rebuild it for new projects. Have fun!