Can we integrate selenium grid into XLT?


Can we integrate selenium grid into XLT?
So that we can use browser stack or source lab and change platforms and browsers easily.
Is it possible to do so ?
Is there any better alternative ?
So that we could change node (OS platform and selective browser)


We have a project to address that:
It uses annotation and browser config set, so you can easily use remote browsers such as Sauce Labs for instance and that should hold true to RemoteDriver in general. Code is open, just in case.

That will be part of bundled test automation starter package sooner or later. Stay tuned for more.


Hi Rene,

Yes I was able to automate web browsers via Saucelabs,
but mobile devices ( iphone ) not automated in Saucelabs.
I have put the annotations like this:-


It worked for all browsers except last 2,
Galaxy Note3 Emulation and iphone5:-

Do we need to add any further settings ?


Galaxy_Note3_Emulation is a profile in Chrome. It might be that Chrome does not support them anymore. IPhone5 is a profile against Sauce Labs. They might not longer offer this emulator.