Can you please explain how do I generate "Page Load Timings" on performing Load Test Report?

As per the documentation provided I have configured the Chrome driver under default.Properties as shown in the below screenshot, but unable to fetch any data into Page Load Timings Report.

Can you please explain how do I start with Client Performance Test Cases in XLT and how should I generate “Page Load Timings” on performing Load Test Report?


There is a demo test suite for that… as usual :slight_smile:

Important: The test case you already wrote do not work with the real browser. You need a new set using a similar concept but closer to WebDriver.

Let me clear you one thing here, I am not worrying about running the Test-Suit on Real Browser, my question is How should I generate “Page Load Timings” on performing Load Test Report? Here(refer to the Attachment)

Please let me know How should I extend AbstractWebDriverTestCase or AbstractWebDriverScriptTestCase I have noticed these things in the below Attachment.

When you use a real browser setup and wrote a real browser test and executed it, you will automatically get the Page Load Timings. If you don’t use a real browser, as one does for most load tests, you won’t get anything here and this page stays empty.

Aha okay, it’s clear now, Thanks @rschwietzke for your valuable time and efforts.

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Now i am using HtmlPageUtils to find elements.
Real browser meaning writing Salenium code to open web browser and perform some actions to generate page load timings?

Correct. You have to interact with the WebDriver API to run similar queries against the browser. See the referenced demo project.

Is this possible for performance test ? Can you please help me out how to do performance testing using XLT framework.

You can performance test with a real browser but you need a significant amount more hardware when running a test. A Chrome browser easily needs 2 cpus and 1 GB of memory or more. So the effort you save on scripting is spent on hardware later.

You can find the XLT Doc here:
PLEASE read the target audience section first, because purposely is more programming than other tools.

You can find a demo test suit for performance testing with a real browser here:

As I am able to perform a sample Load Test here using the but unable to fetch any data into the Page Load Timings Report.

I have gone through the document, here in this document I have noticed that to extend AbstractWebDriverScriptTestCase into Action class.

How do I extend this class into my Action class? or Do I missing any other updates in the Properties file.

Note: I am seeing the TODO under Client Performance Test Cases in XLT
Thanks in Advance

Would you mind sharing your code for the test you ran? Is this the plain real browser suite you used or already something you adjusted? Do you have data on request and actions?

I am referring to the Advanced-Test-Suite and writing the scripts accordingly.
Ex: In Advanced-Test-Suit referring to TGuestOrder and updating the same Flow in my current project, please refer to the attached file below,

Can you please provide a Test Class including request and actions(reference purpose) on, How to write a real browser Test Cases?

Will do, stay with us please. Example by Monday.

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Sure @rschwietzke and we were thankful if you provide by Monday,
Thanks for your quick response.

Will likely take longer.

It’s okay @rschwietzke , thanks for updating us.

Pushed a simple version of a test case. README is WIP.

Don’t forget to adjust xlt.webDriver.chrome_clientperformance.pathToDriverServer in for local development or in for load testing.


I am so thankful for what you did, able to fetch the details into PageLoadTimings. :smiley:

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This implementation is simple, you can design the code more sophisticated (similar to the advanced test suite) with flows and components. Go nuts :wink:

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Hi @rschwietzke ,

Thanks for the reply, I have gone through the real browser -Load test, its working fine and can you tell me how to fetch the random value from the list of elements. Ex:HtmlPageUtils.findHtmlElementsAndPickOne ->Previously i have used the Htmlpageutils . How do I fetch the random value from the list of elements in the real browser load test