Can't install script developer FF plugin in Mac


Can’t install Script developer FF plugin in Mac Sierra OSX.
I tried with 56.0.1 and 55.0.3 64-bit stable versions of FF
Mac Sierra is installed in Oracle virtual box (win 10 platform).


Hi Titus,
I’ve got the script developer working on Mac Sierra OSX and FF56. Could you please give a little bit more information what you are doing and what exactly is not working.


Hi Marcel,

I need to automate xlt scripts for 3 browsers:-
Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.
Since Safari is not getting automated in Windows 10, I decided to run these scripts in Mac.
For that I put an Oracle Virtual box and installed MacOS 10.12 Sierra (64 bit).
I checked with Safari 10.0 and ran xlt scripts as a maven pjt in eclipse and automated safari.
Its working.

Hence I thought of making Mac as the automation platform OS, and installed all the browsers-
So in order to create these scripts, and to export it into JUnit wrapper class, we need the XLT script developer FF plugin.
But its not getting added in Firefox browser.
XLT is shown in extensions, and i installed several times, but its not getting installed.

So what to do ?
Do you have any better sugession ?

For me, I need to automate all these browsers, and i prefer to run the scripts from a single platform, if possible.


Hi Titus,

there are several ways to install the plugin. Could you please give me the exact steps to reproduce (how you are trying to install).

How I installed it:

  • used a clean freshly updated Firefox 56.0 with no script developer installed before
  • opened
  • searched for XLT and clicked on it
  • clicked add to Firefox
  • allowed the installation
  • restarted firefox
  • clicked Extras (Menu) > XLT Script Developer


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