Could you please let us know the what casues the Timeout exceptions during LoadTest Run?

I was performing a LoadTest, during the Run I am seeing the Timeout errors were captured in the report. At the same time, we are browsing in the realTime throughout the site, the site is working very smoothly, with No page load issues or No timeout errors.

Can you please help me out on what causes the Read timed out issue in the LoadTestRun?

Thanks! in advance.

Is this a question from your team or project too?

Most likely, I cannot determine the cause of the timeout, except that it is there… share a report (full report) with us: (< 25MB).

Try another test run with XLT 5.7.0 and use the new feature automatic HTTP/2 support: 5.7.x | XLT Documentation

The browser talks H2, the load test by default HTTP/1.1