Description of parameter is not visible


On some modules we use parameter. For every parameter you can define a description.
See picture:

But when I use this module in a test case and want do set the parameter, the description is not visible.
See picture:

Here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. create a script module
  2. enter name
  3. enter parameter
  4. enter description for the parameter
  5. save the module
  6. create content for the module (insert command with the defined parameter)
  7. save the module
  8. add the module to a test case
    –> the description is not visible

Is this a bug or are there some steps missing?
Thanks a lot.
Best regards


Hi Ronny,

The behaviour is no bug. We wanted to separate the description for the parameter from its value. Therefore we decided to not use the placeholder to show the description. Due to this fact we implemented the visualisation of the description as tooltip. You just need to hover over the label of the parameter.

I added a screenshot showing the feature unfortunately my mouse pointer was not recoded when I took the screenshot. I hovered over the label path when I took it.

Regards and feel free to ask more questions,

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