Error Pasting Curly Brace Into Parameter Field


I noticed that pasting ${myParameter} into a module was not resulting in ${myParameter} being resolved correctly. Upon closer inspection, the { was being converted to [ in the xml file. However, XLT was displaying it as ${myParameter}


@bleblancdw Do you have some steps to repeat for us and can maybe also attach the resulting file please?


@bleblancdw Do you have some more information for us or the resulting file or some steps to repeat? Just want to try it and see why this can happen. Thanks.



My apologies for not responding sooner. I have been busy the last few days. I’ll try to reproduce this issue and provide steps to you this week.




@bleblancdw No problem. I was suspecting that the new forum mail still end up in spam. Thanks for replying. Take your time.