Execution with the xlt web-driver failed



I hava a automation set with several test cases. When I run the tests in the script developer plugin or in IntelliJ with the chrome webdriver the tests run successfully.
Now I must change the webdriver to xlt, but than most of the tests failed.

Problems are:

  • The first problem is that the command waitForVisible failed. Some elements I want to wait until they are visible are invisible. In the screenshot from IntelliJ I see the elements and they are visible on the screen.
    The element has a tag like aria-hidden=“true”. This is no problem for the script developer, and chrome. But for the xlt web driver.

com.xceptance.xlt.engine.scripting.ScriptException: Command failed: waitForVisible target=“css=.element” value="" -> Timed out while waiting for condition: Element is invisible (user: ‘T_Test-0’, output: ‘1505293543047’)

  • The second bug is that the expression verification with ‘string’ != ‘’ don’t run. I need this expression because of possible multiline strings. Is there any way to run the expression also with the xlt web driver or to replace line breaks?

com.xceptance.xlt.api.util.XltException: Failed to evaluate expression: version-172 2017-09-13 03:00:00 != ‘’ (user: ‘T_Search-0’, output: ‘1505294768503’)

I hope you understand my problems and may help me.

Thanks a lot.
Best regards.


I tried some other test cases but it were as bad as the first.
Now I found more problems while the execution.

  • elements are displaced
  • elements are missing
  • more visible elements are invisible
  • tests steps are passed but they couldn’t

Is there any way to make the xlt “browser” like the firefox or the chrome?
The reason why we have to use the xlt driver is to use a proxy. Is there a way to use proxy with an other browser?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Ronny,

XltDriver is just a slightly modified version of HtmlUnitDriver (the WebDriver implementation of HtmlUnit). So, issues related to DOM parsing or JavaScript execution are most probably caused by HtmlUnit.

If you provide reproducible tests to demonstrate your issues, I can re-use them for issue tracking and optionally hand them over to the HtmlUnit team.

Regarding proxy setup, please read my comment on another issue that explains how to do so in general: HTTP/Protocol Settings are not applied


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