Failed to upload file



I have a small problem while uploading a file. I want to type in a file name in an input field.
A few month ago the test case was passed but now it failed with the following message:

[11:14:29,548] | 9 | type(id=uploadname1, C:\…\…\Koala.jpg): FAILED
=> Element of argument 1 of HTMLInputElement.mozSetFileArray does not implement interface File.

Was there anything changed? How can I upload a file?
When I click on the “search” button an external window will open - is this possible to handle with the script developer?

Thanks a lot.
Best regards.



Hi Ronny,

Thanks for your post.

It seems like Mozilla changed some internals that broke our add-on. I was able to reproduce your issue with Firefox 54 and latest Firefox Developer Edition.

Please use latest Firefox ESR until we know whether there is a workaround for this issue.



Hi Ronny,

I was able to identify the root cause of this issue and the fix will be part of upcoming release (4.9.3).

Thanks for reporting!