How and where to pass the authentication credentials


Suppose if my website is authenticated via username / password,
where do i need to pass the authentication credentials for doing Performance and Load Testing ?

I find auth settings under
I enabled the userName / password.

## If the target server requires HTTP user authentication, configure the
## credentials here. 
com.xceptance.xlt.auth.userName = admin
com.xceptance.xlt.auth.password = pass123

Is that the only place to enter authentication credentials ?


That’s the preferred and easiest way. Another one might be to put it explicitly into your start URL.

And, you can also configure HtmlUnit to use specific authentication credentials as follows:

  final CredentialsProvider cProvider = ((XltDriver) driver).getWebClient().getCredentialsProvider()
  if(cProvider instanceof DefaultCredentialsProvider) {
    ((DefaultCredentialsProvider) cProvider).addCredentials(username, password);