How can I make my custom XLT project as a Standalone application? Can i integrate Spring Boot?


My Project is cloned from XLT and i placed Selenium and XLT scripts into SRC folder.
I made this as a Maven project via Eclipse and now running it using Maven Test command.

I need to add a Home page and a Result page and i need to trigger it as a remote application

Can i integrate Spring Boot into it and point the XLT server into Spring configurations ?
Is there any other alternative way to make it as a stand alone application ?

My purpose is:- I need a Home page where i could decide which test to be conduct.
either 1) Browser automoation OR 2) XLT Load Testing.
Also can include what all modules of project needs to be tested and reports generated.

So that these values can be passed as parameters and executes into corresponding scripts
Is there any better way ?


Hi Titus,
XLT is build as a test framework (stand alone application). There is no such thing like an XLT-server.
So, building up such a system as you described will take some effort on your site.
You need to build an application server that is able to execute XLT tests and has knowledge about the different scenarios you need/want to run. After the tests were executed the results should be passed to the frontend.

Another solution could be a Jenkins setup where you configure the different scenarios you want to run.
Please refer to for more details.