How to configure XLT with Eclipse IDE for Load Testing


For Load Testing…!

I just modified 3 properties file as per your docs
a) - seen in xlt/config
b) - project specific
c) - project specific

and I got 2 html reports

  1. a Load Test Report - ( xlt-4.9.3\reports\20171003-185117\index.html ) by running the following command in cmd
    xlt-4.9.3\bin>mastercontroller.cmd -auto -embedded -report

  2. a Result Browser - ( eclipseWorkspace\myTestSuite\results\TC0001\0\output\1505390643517\index.html ) by running Test Case in IDE using JUnit

Is this the proper way of configuring load testing in XLT ?
is there any additional steps needed ?


Load testing is not done within Eclipse but by running the script mastercontroller.cmd in Windows, and in Unix respectively. But load testing requires that all of your Java source files were compiled to Java Bytecode - either by Eclipse, any other IDE or a build tool like ANT or Maven.

Once your classes are compiled, you’ll need to make sure that is set up correctly as documented here. Also, don’t forget to adjust which specifies the load test scenario mappings and the name of your load test settings file ( per default). This file contains all settings for your test run: the scenarios that participate in the run as well as their load profile.

So, in short, yes this the proper way of configuring load testing in XLT. Further configuration steps are necessary in case you want to run your load test from remote machines.


So its an Yes !
Thank you Harlt…!

So we wil get only 2 outputs as html files
Thank you :smiley:

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