How to put an if condition with a anchor tag value


Suppose if i what to click one button depending on one condition, how could i do that ?

if Add Product then i click Button1
else if Out of Stock then i wont click

How i put this condition as i need to get this anchor tag value ?


Hi Titus,

not sure if you are still using XML script test cases or Java code already, so I will provide an answer for both ways.

For script test cases, use a helper module with the click command in it. In the module call editor configure a JS expression as condition so the module will be called only if the condition is satisfied. The necessary script code looks like so:

    storeText                  css=...      varButtonText
    clickButtonHelperModule    IF "${varButtonText}" === "Add Product"

See here (section Script Developer) for more info on conditional module calls.

In Java, the code is a bit more straightforward:

    if (getText("css=...").equals("Add Product"))

Make sure that you use XLT 4.10.x as only this version provides the getText() method. Again, see here (section Framework) for more information.


Hello J…!

Ya thanks very much…

I am using 4.9.3

How to upgrade to 4.10.x ??

Can I replace the folders after downloading ?

Which all folders need to be upgraded ?

Since I renamed the previously downloaded 4.9.3 and renamed that folder to project name