How to switch between Test Automation and Load Testing?


How can I switch between Test Automation and Load Testing ?
Now I am using the Multi Browser suite of XLT.
In that I have integrated my recorded Xlt scripts.
But all the time, the Load testing is conducted frequently and I am not able to stop load testing.
My purpose is, I just want to conduct test automation only.
And test automation happens by taking that xml scripts only.
My modified java code of xlt scripts is not getting executed.

Can you please provide a solution for this ?


Well, it’s up to you. All XLT tests are pure JUnit tests. And when you execute them by a build tool like Maven or ANT, or within your IDE, they are run only once.
Othwwise, if you execute your tests by invoking the script, or mastercontroller.cmd respectively, load test mode is active and all your tests are executed according to the configured load profile.

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