How we do mobile device testing?


How will we do mobile device automation testing in XLT project.
Is there any integrated sample projects available in XLT ?
I have checked with XLT Multi Browser Testsuite and found the mobile device annotations to automate in Saucelabs.
But mobile device testing is not working.

Do we need to integrate Appium scripts into our project for mobile testing ?


But mobile device testing is not working.

What exactly do you observe when running a test with a mobile driver on SauceLabs? Are there any exceptions, etc.?


Of the below mentioned test targets, all web-browsers works fine.
Except Galaxy_Note3_Emulation and iphone5

public class TcheckEachMenuItemMB extends AbstractAnnotatedScriptTestCase

Do we need to add mobile specific scripts (appium scripts) to make them automate in Saucelabs ?


Could you please give any more details about what is not working? Exceptions/errors etc.
Otherwise, we won’t be able to help.


For Suacelabs account, Galaxy and iphone targets are not working.

And also mimicking is not happening with local browser.
Mimicking of Chrome to specified dimensions. Width * Height


If you have trouble in using Saucelabs drivers, please reach out to them. And again, please specify more details. A generic ‘is not working’ statement is not helpful.


I meant this below code is not working:-

public class TcheckXML extends AbstractAnnotatedScriptTestCase


my purpose was to mimic google chrome to display screen size of iphone and ipad.
but it didn’t work. instead i got this below error:-

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Can not find browser configuration with tag: Chrome_375x667


Ah, now we reach the bottom of the sea.

The error comes up because you did not define any configuration for the browsers:

To do so, please follow the steps as defined here.

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