I am able to find the xapth in chrome but in script i am not able to find that element

But in result i am able to find that element plase find the attached file

Do you see the locate() part? This is the base path it fetches first and on that result it continues a submatch. So check what is behind the locate() call.

Lookup result

Lookup Result after junit run

As you can see locate and submatch in web page and the same result after script execution i can see in result part but the item is not able to detect from the code

Your UL has no class .menu-drawer__menu but you are asking for that. It has only list-menu. At least that is what I can see from the screenshots.

Please check i am able to find the Element using this byCSS selector and UL contains the class .menu-drawer__menu

You are not showing me the same things. Before you showed me an item outside of header-drawer, not you show me items in header-drawer.

Try to remove the locate() part of the call from your byCss query and see if this works. If you see this in the dumped data, it normally should work. Is there a way to get my hands on the code so I can execute and debug that?

I am unable to do “by screenshot analysis” of the problem.

I have removed locate css selector and replaceed with parent of ul class and its working fine


Which still does not explain why it does not work, but should. Can you use header instead of .header for the locate() part and try? I feel that something else might be class header (not element) and hence this setup goes straight against the wall.

if i use header instead of .header still its not able to find it