Necessary steps for Graphite reporting



I am succesfully running my Selenium load testing examples now.

I am interested in trying out the Graphite reporting support which is mentioned here:

I also created a standard graphite container ( and updated the mastercontroller properties like described.

Are there any other steps and/or configuration files necessary for Graphite reporting?

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No, that is all you need to do, provided that Graphite is working properly. When running the test case TBlogSearch you should see at least transaction and action runtimes/errors coming into Graphite. For request runtimes/errors and page load timings you have to use one of our enhanced WebDrivers, XltChromeDriver (use “chrome_clientperformance” instead of “chrome” in or XltFirefoxDriver (“firefox_clientperformance”).


Thanks for your fast reply, I will look into it.


Hi there,

thanks again for your support, the reporting works and the data is written into the influx (via graphite support). To have the performance metrics from the browser is a very cool feature!

One thing about showing the data in Grafana:

  • As an example we have data for defined actions with the following formatting:
    Agent 1 -> xlt.CadenzaWebLoadTests.ac1_00.actions.Auf_Karte_warten.runtime.max
    Agent 2 -> xlt.CadenzaWebLoadTests.ac2_00.actions.Auf_Karte_warten.runtime.max

  • It seems kind of difficult to use a template to filter this runtime data in one graph by the agent name. Is it possible to store the data in influx in a different format using columns for agent name, action name, value type and so on?

  • Or could you provide an Grafana dashboard example to get an idea how to present the data the recommended way?

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Hi Michael,

The configuration of Grafana for your purposes is outside the free support option as part of this forum. May we suggest to purchase paid support via or if you prefer also via pay-by-invoice?! We could also provide a ready to use Grafana AWS image if needed.



Hello Rene,

thanks for your quick response, I will discuss that internally and perhaps come back to your support offer.

Kind Regards