No access to iframe with a Script Developer?


Hello guys,

I use Script Developer for testing some pages and since a few days ago, I can’t access to some formfields because of iframe :frowning:
Are some commands in Script Developer to make possible to access to iframe or how i can solve a problem??

Best, Irina


Hi Irina,

Is it possible to share the URL of your application under test? This would be the easiest way to assist you.

Otherwise, I’d have to guess what your problem is all about since elements inside of iframes can be accessed by using selecting the frame right before via the selectFrame command. This command uses Frame Locators to identify the frame in question.

The most easiest way is to simply record your interaction as the necessary selectFrame commands are automatically inserted then.

Hope that helps. Otherwise, please describe your problem as detailed as possible.



Hi Hartmut,

thank you for your answer, i tried with “selectFrame” commando and it works :slight_smile: .

Best, Irina


I’m glad to hear that :wink:

Thanks for your feedback,


Hi @harlt,

can I ask you something else ? :smiley: Which command should I use for validate / assert URL ?? Although Script Developer is very similar to Selenium, I didn’t find commands like: “verifyLocation” and “assertLocation”

Thank you

Best, Irina


Hi Irina,

There is no such command because there is no real need for it. The only command that accepts URLs is the open command and this one fails immediately when the passed URL is invalid.

Hope that helps.


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