Performing an Load Test for 100s of users

Hey @jwerner
I want to run a load test for 100 users within the measurement period of 30 minutes with a ramp-up period of 5 minutes.

As I have done configurations as above mentioned in and I have run the load test but the test case is running only for 8 users but the test is not running as I mentioned for 100 users. Please refer to the Attachment below:

Please suggest do I need to change still any other configurations, and please support me in configuring of running up to 10,000 users.


Hi vishnu3948,

Thanks for adding the screenshot. This helps to better understand what is going on here. From the screenshot I can see that you have configured an arrival rate of 1000/h. In this case, XLT tries to run the scenario exactly a 1000 times per hour. In your case, XLT needs about 8 users only to fulfill this task. Note that when an arrival rate is given, the user count serves as an upper limit only.

In order to run the number of configured users in parallel, you would need to comment out the arrival rate setting for your scenario in

As per your suggestion, I have commented on the arrival rate setting for my scenario in
But I am facing Read timed out Exception.

Please refer to the Attachment below:

Please suggest should I need to change any other configurations to run a Load test for 100 users.

ConnectTimeoutException and SocketTimeoutExcpetion indicate that the server could not be connected to or did not respond to a request within the configured connect/read timeout (30 seconds by default). Looks like the server is not able to handle 100 concurrent users.

Your server seems to be a dev system. Try running the load test against a production-like environment to get meaningful results, especially since you target more than 100 users.