Problem correctly specifiying test case mapping


Hello there,
I have problems getting my test suite to run via a Jenkins job.

My test suite is included in an eclipse project and is called com.mycompany.myproject.testautomation.xlt.regression
I used the sample project for the base structure and default configuration files.

If I understand correctly, then I have to explicitly state all my test cases that should be executed in the or In the documentation I found this snippet:

…you have to specify the fully qualified class names of your tests here…
com.xceptance.xlt.loadtests..class = fully qualified class name

In my project under /src/tests/ the java wrapper classes are located

So I wrote the following test case mapping in the

com.xceptance.xlt.loadtests.T_LoginAndLogout.class = tests.T_LoginAndLogout

After the job run I checked the logs and the following error occured:

Uploading test suite…
Preparing: 0% … 10% … 20% … 30% … 50% … - FAILED: No test case configured.

What am I missing? :confused: I assume that it is some simple configuration issue.



Do not forget to set com.xceptance.xlt.loadtests = T_LoginAndLogout


Yes, that was it. Now the tests are running. Thanks, René