Refactor modules in new version return error



actual I use XLT 4.5.8. This version is really stable, but not actual.
Now I wanted to update to the latest XLT version.
After installing firefox plugin from version 4.7.0 I wanted to refactor some modules and pages.
After move or rename these modules an error message occur.
The message was, that there are some modules missing now. Why!?
I know… the refactor rename only renamed the module, but not all references in other modules.

I switched back to the old 4.5.8 version and renamed all modules. All references were renamed correctly.
May you please check this issue and release a new stable version!?
Or did I someting wrong?

Thanks for your help.
Best regards


Thanks for reporting! We’ll have a look into this first thing on Monday.



Hi Ronny,

First of all, thanks for your feedback. We really appreciate it.
Regarding the issue you encountered: we were able to track it down and it is definitely a bug. We will ship a fix for this issue in the next release that is coming soon.



I have installed the version 4.7.1 of the xlt script developer.
It seems that the issue were fixed. When I refactor the name of a module all references were updated.
I will test the new version in the next days.
Thanks a lot.

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