Removing a test suite from the drop-down of Script Developer


The question how to remove a test suite from the list in Script Developer comes up often. On Windows and Linux, you can simply open the drop down, hover over the entry to remove and press “Del” on your keyboard.

Sadly this does not work right now on Mac. To workaround that without reinstalling the Script Developer, you have to go a little deeper in Firefox.

  • Type about:config in your address bar and hit enter
  • Confirm the warning and be a brave citizen
  • Search for xlt-scriptdeveloper.suiteLocation
  • You will see a list of file path entries
  • Reset the one you want to delete with a right-click > reset
  • Restart Script Developer

Please keep an eye on the release notes of XLT, because we will address this in one of the next releases.


Didn’t know that there is a shortcut for deleting :wink: I always did this via about:config.


Fix will be part of 4.5.7.