Request times recording in Firefox 62+


When automating tests with the XltFirefoxDriver, we encountered the problem that request times are not recorded. In the report, I can see times for actions, but no request times. Also in the timers.csv, there are no requests recorded.

When starting a test (using XLT 4.11.0 ) there is the following log output:

WARN addMetadata: Add-on is invalid: Error: Extension is not correctly signed ...

The reason is, that firefox 62 stopped supporting unpacked extensions.

For us, switching to XltDriver is not possible because the application does not work with it. We would like to avoid switching to an older firefox version or to Chrome.

Is it possible to fix the installation of the XLT-timerrecorder extension in the next XLT version?

Are there other workarounds?


XLT does NOT ship unpacked extensions but only packed ones which are also signed.

Please check your XLT installation and re-install it if necessary (latest is XLT 4.11.2).


Plz ignore my last comment. Although the stated facts are still true, we were able to reproduce your problem on Windows but not on Linux.

After spending some hours on code analysis and debugging, we successfully nailed it down to an issue of Selenium: Unable to start Firefox 62 with extensions and WebExtension can’t installed in Firefox 62.0 by Java WebDriver

They were able to fix it but did not publish the fix as part of a release. Once they released a new version we can include it in XLT.

A temporary fix might be included in the upcoming XLT 4.12.0 that is going to be released within the next 1-2 weeks.
Of course, support plan customers can get a fix within a narrow time frame.

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