Run local tests with safari

Hi everyone,
at the moment we use firefox and chrome for the local test automation.
Now we want to upgrade the tests to safari.
Is it possible to run the XLT tests with safari browser?
When I add the following to the properties…

browserprofile.Safari_Local_Desktop.testEnvironment = local = Safari
browserprofile.Safari_Local_Desktop.browser = safari
browserprofile.Safari_Local_Desktop.browserResolution = 1400x800

… this error is displayed:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unsupported local browser engine detected. Capabilities=‘Capabilities {browserName: safari, browserTag: Safari_Local_Desktop, name: safari@1400x800@MAC, platform: MAC, testEnvironment: local, version: }’

How can I add safari browser for test automation?

Thanks a lot.
Best regards

I assume we talk about Neodymium?

Oh… and you run that on a Mac, don’t you? There is no Safari on any other platform available besides a remote setup with Browserstack or similar.