Script developer data set file extensions


I tried the data set feature at script developer and it works well. The data set was stored in an xml file.

In the documentation ( I read regarding data driven test that it is possible to use different data set providers and that the lookup order of data files is defined as csv, xml …

I tried to use a csv data set file for script developer. It was located in the same directory and had the same name (despite extension) like the xml data set file. Unfortunately it did not work.

Is it possible to use a csv data set file with script developer?


Hi Christine,
Unfortunately this is not possible if you use the Script Developer. This feature is exclusive for the XLT framework itself because using JAVA you are able to read and use this data very easy.
The Script Developer can only handle .xml data and for now there are no plans to support a different format.

Thank you for getting in contact with us.


Thank you for the fast reply.

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