Selecting a dropdown option without using HtmlForm

We have a situation to write code for selecting the element from the dropdown (selecting size from size chat under Product detail page), As far as your Posters Project or Class Html PageUtils reference says that selectRandomly(HtmlForm form, java.lang.String selectName), HtmlForm is mandatory here, please refer to the Attached file below:

In our scenario no form is used in the code, can you please let us know how to select an element without using a HtmlForm.

Is it Possible to write code for Add To Cart Functionality in the Product detail Page without using Ajax call?

Hi @jwerner, Please help with this issue.

The load test part does not use JavaScript and hence you have to manually emulate that behavior. This means building and firing the call as well as including the result into the page if needed.

Please consult the advanced test suite example and here especially the add to cart action

If your solution even builds the select boxes using JS, you have to take care of that manually as well.