Store attribute not compatible with parameter


We have created page elements for all used commands. Therefor we use parameter to use the commands in all projects.
Now I wanted to create the command for “StoreAttribute”.
As target I wanted to use the following string:
But this is not allowed in the script developer.

So I created a variable for the @ sign and add it. The script developer said that all is correct and the execution was passed.

But now the problem:
If I reload the project, I’ve got an error message that the command can not reloaded.

Is this a bug or a feature that the parameter option is not possible in the store attribute command? In all other commands the parameter are going well.
I’m using the XLT version: 4.8.0

Thanks a lot.
Best regards.


Hi Ronny,

I don’t exactly understand the intention of your approach here but hey, it doesn’t matter at all.

The ‘@’ and ‘$’ are special characters in Script Developer as they introduce Module Parameter/Test Data expressions. Thus, if you want to use them as plain characters you’ll have to escape them appropriately:

  • ‘@’ is escaped with ‘@@’
  • ‘$’ is escaped with ‘$$’

So, the target of your storeEval command would be: @{element}@@@{attribute}



Thanks a lot. That was the solution.

Best regards.

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