Test Automation for and with Multiple Browsers - A New Test Suite


XLT extends the Selenium/Webdrivers concepts and therefore it can easily work with multiple target browsers. But until now, the test setup was a little cumbersome, hence we gave it some thoughts and came up with a test suite that nicely templates how to do it.

Please welcome the new Multi Browser Suite. Of course available on GitHub: https://github.com/Xceptance/multi-browser-suite and MIT licensed.

The multi browser suite enables you to easily annotate each test case and make it available for execution with a specific browser profile. We support all typical Webdriver targets including Sauce Labs and local as well as remote machines. You can also address specific Chrome profiles to mimic mobile devices for simple and easy device testing (before going to the real device).

The suite and all code is licensed under the MIT license. This gives you maximum freedom to use it in your own projects, extend it, fork it, share it, and of course give back.

We are looking forward to your feedback and pull-requests.