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XLT Test Automation allows you to compose Selenium-style tests. It additionally delivers features that simplify both test data management and test documentation, help to modularize tests, and allow you to avoid direct coding as much as possible.

When using XLT for test automation, you basically use two building blocks: Script Developer for development and debugging of the test scripts, and the XLT Framework for test execution. We know that not everyone will use both components and that Script Developer as a standalone tool is quite popular, too.

The XLT Script Developer is based on a technology that Mozilla will stop supporting in November 2017. Therefore XLT Script Developer needs to move to a new technological platform. We at Xceptance are fully committed to providing you a new and better but still compatible platform. To find the best solution and deliver the most value, we need your help!

There are many technology stacks available that support our plans, but some might be a better choice than others when considering the way you work and the way you want to work with XLT.

You can win something

To make this survey even more fun, we are giving away 9 books about quality assurance and testing: “Web Performance in Action: Building Faster Web Pages”, “The Way of the Web Tester: A Beginner’s Guide to Automating Tests”, and “JUnit Recipes: Practical Methods for Programmer Testing”. We’ll give away three copies of each title. Of course, each email address can only participate once. To participate, make sure you submitted your survey by 19 February 2017.


This way to the survey: https://goo.gl/forms/vtKvIzIeEmzpepVE2


All email addresses collected will be solely used for the raffle. We are not going to share it with any external party nor subscribe you to any newsletter mailing. If you don’t want to use your email to enter the drawing, feel free to put in "survey@xceptance.com" instead.

Please share this survey with others who are using XLT for test automation, are interested in using it, or would use it if it fulfilled certain criteria.

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