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I have a shop in different languages and one testsuite with several testcases.

I would like to perform the testsuite locally (script developer) and via jenkins in different languages. Using data sets is a possibility. But than all testdata are in different files, like xy_datasets.xml, xy_data.xml, package_testdata.properties and it is not possible to perform a batch test only in one language.

Do you have a good idea how to test one testsuite in different languages locally (script developer) and with jenkins and with clearly to maintain test data (e.g. one file per language)?

I have found the post https://blog.xceptance.com/2016/06/20/localisation-verifier-a-custom-java-module-for-script-developer/ and maybe using a java module would be a possibility. In this post is written “Within Script Developer it will be easy to switch among different languages by maintaining one or more variables which point to the
localisation Properties files.” How does this work? Ho can I configure the script developer to use a special properties file?


Hi Christine,

You can find an example how we achieve such things within the following repository: https://github.com/Xceptance/SiteGenesis-Community-TestSuite/tree/multilang

We are currently polishing the test suite but you can get an idea how it works if you look at the following parts:

In the package Test.multilang.cart you will find the test case TCart_Add_VariationProduct. It uses test data and dataset to test within a multi language environment.

Furthermore, we built modules that also help you to reuse your code in for such a purpose. You can find an example under the following path Modules.pages.cart.VCart_Multilang_validateCartIsEmpty.

Using the wrapper classes you can easily run the tests via Jenkins.

Feel free to ask more questions to get an idea how to get started.




thank you for your reply, I’ve got an idea how to start.

Regards Christine


Hi Christine,

Good to know that we could help you. Feel free to ask more questions.


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