Test data mapping key is marked as invalid if actual value ends with a space


I am using XLT Script Developer 4.6.6.

If I define a variable/key test in my test data and the actual value of the variable ends with a space, the variable is marked invalid because XLT thinks there are invalid characters.

Steps to reproduce

  • add mapping (Key = test, Value = blah [with space at the end])
  • add another mapping and start typing the key.

The cell of key test is now marked red and changes cannot be saved.

PS: Is this the right place to notify about potential bugs or is there a separate issue tracker?


Issue tracked. Thanks for reporting.


After doing some investigation on my side, I stumbled upon the fact that all test data values are written out in their whitespace-normalized form. This is not stated anywhere in our documentation, so you could not have been aware of it.

And the reason, why the data key is shown with a red border, is that the value you entered is not safe with respect to whitespace normalization and thus would change when saving the data to file.