Test suite upload fails with a recent Java 8


When using Java 1.8.0_72 or later on the agent machines, uploading a test suite failed with the error Premature EOF:

Uploading test suite...
    Preparing:    0% ... 10% ... 20% ... 30% ... 50% ... 60% ... 70% ... 80% ... - OK
    Uploading:    0% ... 20% ... 40% ... - FAILED!

-> Agent Controller ac001 <https://localhost:8500> - Premature EOF

The reason is that with this Java version the implementation of java.net.URL was changed. This caused problems when serializing/deserializing URL objects which is used when the master controller communicates with the agent controllers.

Fixed in XLT 4.6.1. Please update.


Hi there,

I am getting the same error using the version 4.10.1 from XLT and java 8.

There is a big difference in the setup of my project. I am trying to use gradle to run the loadtest task of the ant file within the xlt distribution. If I run just “ant loadtest” tests are being executed but doing the same with gradle I got the following error:

Uploading test suite…
Preparing: 0% … 10% … 20% … 30% … 50% … 60% … - FAILED: Failed to calculate check sum for file: C:\PROJECT_PATH.gradle\4.4.1\fileHashes\fileHashes.lock

Failed to run master controller: Uploading test suite failed.

I was trying to figure out why but I do not find why this is happening. Do you have an Idea on that?

Thanks a lot in advance.



Your issue seems to be caused by some files/directories in your testsuite whose checksum could not be computed. As I am not familiar with the way Gradle works, my first suggestion would be to move these files/directories to some other location (out of your testsuite) or to configure Gradle to put these files somewhere else.



Yes, it was that. I change a little bit the structure of my testsuite and now it is working. Thank you :smile:


You’re welcome! Thanks for your feedback.