Visual Assert Test Suite


Xceptance just pushed the latest version of the Visual Assertion Test Suite to GitHub. Find below the motivation and feel free to continue reading on GitHub.

Your feedback is always welcome. The test suite is licensed under the MIT license. Please fork and contribute.

Visual Regression Testing with XLT


Validation is essential for test automation. Do not simply click around and as long as buttons and form fields are there, you are happy. Really verify the content of the page that it matches your expectations.

Well of course this creates a certain dilemma. The more you validate, the more easily does you test suite break just because of smaller changes. But the less you validate, the fewer regressions you find and the more you might get the wrong impression of the quality of your implementation.

Normal test automation usually does not verify visually, it just verifies content or certain properties of elements. So you will see that a button disappeared, but you are not going to see that the button is suddenly right-aligned instead of left, larger or smaller, or maybe changed its color.

Visual regression testing to the rescue!

You might have already read about using Selenium for this: Visual Regression Testing with PhantomCSS, Catch CSS curve balls, or CSS regression testing.

We got inspired by these ideas, but wanted to take the idea a little further.

The Basic Idea

This test suite offers a way to take a screenshot, organize it for later, train masks for data that is changing all the time, and compare the baseline to the screenshots with applied masks in future runs.

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