While extract modules for expand lines some modules were missed



we found the next bug in the version 4.7.1.

  1. I have a test case with some modules
  1. In the modules are some commands.
  2. Expand all Modules

If you now select only the module lines and not the commands inside and want to extract them to a new module, all is going well. But:

  1. Select the first line of the module
  1. press shift key
  2. select the last line (you want to extract)

-> now all lines between the first and the last line were selected.

  1. right click on the selectes lines and extract module
  2. create a new module and save it

only the first line were extracted to the new module and not all selected lines.

If you don’t expand the lines (don’t do step 3 in the preconditions) all lines were extracted to the new module.


Hi Ronny,

Thanks for your feedback.
I was able to reproduce your issue and a fix is on the way (will be part of XLT 4.7.2).


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