XLT 4.5.8 has been released


Xceptance has released version 4.5.8 of its load testing and test automation product Xceptance LoadTest.

Release Overview

Script Developer

  • Improvement: Script Developer has been made compatible with Firefox 42. It now supports Firefox version 31 ESR to 42.

Load Testing

  • Improvement: In case you customized the Java wrapper classes for XML script test cases to run more than one script, all dynamic test data (data created by store… commands) was only available for the script that created this data. Now all scripts share the same dynamic test data scope and therefore can access data created in earlier test stages. This makes tasks, such as clean-up, easier.

Download and More Information

You can find more information about this release at https://lab.xceptance.de/releases/xlt/latest/releasenotes.html. Download the latest release from our homepage: https://www.xceptance.com/de/xlt/download.html

As always, this update is free of charge for every user. You can use XLT freely for your daily automation work, regression testing, and performance validation.

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