XLT 4.6.2 has been released


Release Overview

Xceptance has released version 4.6.2 of its load testing and test automation product Xceptance LoadTest. This is a bug fix release.

Script Developer

  • Fix: When selecting a script package in hierarchical representation mode, for instance, to export it, to delete it, or to run a batch test, all scripts in all sub-packages will now be included in this operation, not just the direct child scripts.
  • Fix: Extracting commands from a script into a new module worked as expected, but the editor tab of the origin script was not updated correctly.
  • Fix: When changing the package of a module, either by renaming the package or by moving the module to another package, the references to this module were not updated accordingly.
  • Fix: The command ‘selectAndWait’ was no longer recognized.
  • Fix: Replaying a ‘type’ command which enters a file name into a file input caused Script Developer to hang.
  • Fix: The command ‘typeAndWait’ entered the text, but did not submit the form, so the expected page load could of course never happen.
  • Fix: Script Developer did not take the script timeout setting into account when waiting for a page load to happen.
  • Fix: When resuming a paused test case, the frame context was not restored, causing the script to continue in the top-level window instead of a frame window.
  • Fix: In case the class attribute of an element contains apostrophes, any element locator for this element was marked as invalid even if the locator expression was totally valid.
  • Improvement: Since Apple machines may lack certain keys on the keyboard, alternative keyboard shortcuts have been introduced for Mac users:
  • Use Cmd+I (instead of Ins) to insert a command before the current command.
  • Use Cmd+Shift+I (instead of Shift+Ins) to insert a command after the current command.
  • Use Cmd+Back (instead of Del) to delete an item.
  • Improvement: In the Command Details dialog, the list of commands can be filtered by typing a filter text. The filtering logic performs a substring match now.


  • Fix: For data-driven tests, the framework won’t inject a test data set any longer if one has already been set programmatically in the constructor of the test case.
  • Fix: Sometimes rendered HTML pages in the result browser looked broken because embedded resources such as images or CSS files were empty. This happened for cacheable resources that needed to be revalidated over the course of the test case.

Download and More Information

You can find more information about this release at https://lab.xceptance.de/releases/xlt/latest/releasenotes.html. Download the latest release from our homepage: https://www.xceptance.com/xlt/download.html

As always, this update is free of charge for every user. You can use XLT freely for your daily automation work, regression testing, and performance validation.

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