XLT 4.6.4 has been released


XLT 4.6.4

Xceptance has released version 4.6.4 of its load testing and test automation product Xceptance LoadTest. This is a bug fix release.

Script Developer

  • Improvement: Script Developer has been made compatible with Firefox 46.
  • Improvement: The labels “Slow” and ”Fast” next to the speed slider are clickable now and can be used to adjust the replay speed.
  • Fix: Module parameters are now evaluated completely before being passed to a module. This ensures that the parameter value does change when used inside the module.
  • Fix: Importing a test suite more than once is not possible any longer.
  • Fix: When using a filter text to reduce the amount of scripts listed in the script explorer, the view showed sometimes unexpected results.
  • Fix: When using the new hierarchical view mode, the script explorer tree view was sometimes not consistent.
  • Fix: The information panel below the script editor tabs was not always updated properly, especially when again selecting the already selected script.

Result Browser

  • Fix: Certain important response headers, such as Content-Length or Content-Encoding, were missing completely.
  • Fix: When viewing the response body of a certain request, the result browser sometimes showed its own HTML source code in the Response Content tab.

Load Testing

  • Fix: When creating the load test report for very short test runs (below 1 second), the report generator failed with a NumberFormatException.

Download: https://www.xceptance.com/en/xlt/download.html

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