XLT 4.6.5 has been released


XLT 4.6.5

Xceptance has released version 4.6.5 of its load testing and test automation product Xceptance LoadTest. This is a bug fix release.

Script Developer

  • Support Firefox 47 (#2699): Script Developer has been made compatible with Firefox 47, which was released on June 6, 2016. Script Developer runs on Firefox 38/ESR up to 47 now.
  • ID field is not prepopulated when editing a script module (#2679): Since XLT 4.5.0, all scripts can have an ID that is unique across the entire test suite. When editing the details of script module that already has such an ID, it was not shown in the appropriate text field as expected. This has been fixed.
  • Mouse down does not trigger blur (#2680): When dispatching a mousedown event (explicitly via mouseDown or implicitly via click) to elements which automatically receive focus, the previously focused element was not blurred. This is fixed now.
  • Incorrect update of command selection after move (#2682): Under certain circumstances, moving one or more commands up or down lead to an unexpected command selection afterwards. A similar effect was observed, when copy-pasting or removing commands. This has been fixed.
  • Copy log messages to clipboard not working on Mac OSX (#2683): Copying messages from the Log panel to the clipboard by either using the keyboard shortcut Cmd+C or the context-menu item did not work on Mac OSX platform. Fixed.

Download: https://www.xceptance.com/en/xlt/download.html

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