XLT 4.6.6 has been released


XLT 4.6.6

Xceptance has released version 4.6.6 of its load testing and test automation product Xceptance LoadTest. This is a bug fix release.

Script Developer

  • Fix: Whitespace in the value of type commands was normalized when loading the containing script into Script Developer. As a consequence, any newline in the text got lost making it impossible to type multiple lines into a textarea element.
  • Fix: When loading a huge test suite containing thousands of scripts, it could happen that this process did not finish and Script Developer got stuck.


  • Fix: The logic that parses CSS snippets for additional resources to load got confused by empty url statements, such as url() or url(‘’).
  • Fix: When replaying XML script test cases that use the storeTitle command, XLT always complained about an invalid target variable name, even when the provided name was totally okay.
  • Fix: Selenium WebDriver has been updated to v2.53.1. This version fixes a compatibility issue with Firefox 47.
  • Fix: When running a test case via XltFirefoxDriver either from your IDE or as plain JUnit test, the browser performance data files were written to directory UnknownUser instead of the actual target directory that is named after the test case.
  • Fix: The request timing values recorded by XLT’s Firefox add-on used to measure client performance were not always correct.
  • Fix: When using Chrome in headless mode (via XltChromeDriver), certain operations (esp. sendKeys) caused the test case to fail with an “X display is required” error.

Download the latest version: https://www.xceptance.com/en/xlt/download.html