XLT 4.6 has been released


XLT 4.6 comes with many new and improved functionalities. The first improvement is our new documentation format. We believe that the new documentation structure and design makes the documentation more accessible and more fun to read.

But there is much more. Script Developer now provides a long-long-awaited feature, undo and redo. From now on, editing scripts will be much more fun. Another just-as-long-awaited feature is to execute parts of a script under certain circumstances only. This is possible now as Script Developer supports conditional module calls. Just define a condition and your module will be executed only if the condition is met.

It goes without saying that the XLT framework supports conditional module calls as well when replaying script test cases. Same as for Firefox, the framework now provides a specialized driver for Chrome that records request and event timings and lets Chrome run in headless mode. When running script test cases with native browsers, the framework supports some interesting new execution options, such as limiting page loading times and automatic retry of commands in case of stale elements. If you prefer coding test cases in Java and you don’t want an action to last until the next action begins, you can now close the action programmatically at an earlier point. Last but not least, all core libraries have been updated, especially HtmlUnit and WebDriver/Selenium. This ensures a much better browser emulation and brings support for the latest native browsers.

The load test report has been improved as well. Most notably, the report supports filtering of runtime tables and chart lists by simple, yet powerful text filters. Charts can now be capped at a fixed value and different types of charts can have different capping settings. Furthermore, a configurable set of custom percentiles in the load test report may help you to better assess the performance of your system under test.

Users of Amazon’s EC2 cloud will surely find it useful that the ec2_admin tool can now assign a key pair and pass user data when starting new instances. Moreover, instances can now be terminated across regions.

Sounds interesting? Keep on reading: https://lab.xceptance.de/releases/xlt/latest/release-notes/4.6.x.html


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