XLT 4.7.1 has been released


Release Overview

Xceptance released version 4.7.1 of its load testing and test automation product Xceptance LoadTest. This is a bug fix release and an update is recommended.

As always, this update is free for everyone.

Script Developer

  • Cannot apply test suite detail changes: Pressing the OK button to accept the changes made in the Test Suite Details dialog had no effect and changes weren’t saved. Fixed.
  • Refactoring a module does not update calling scripts: Refactoring a module, such as renaming it or moving it to another package, did work as expected, but the update of the calling scripts was missing. Fixed.


  • Authorization header is unnecessarily sent: In case the same WebClient is used to send requests to several hosts and one of them requires authentication, the Authorization request header was sent to all of the hosts. Fixed.
    This issue was caused by a bug in HtmlUnit, reported in late 2015. We provided a patch that will be part of the upcoming HtmlUnit release v2.24.
  • Request header ‘Authorization’ missing in result browser: In case the site under test requires the user to authenticate, the Authorization header that is sent wasn’t shown in XLT’s result browser. Fixed.

Download and More Information

You can find more information about the latest release here: Release Notes. Download the latest release from our homepage.

As always, this update is free of charge for every user. You can use XLT freely for your daily automation work, regression testing, and performance validation.

Licenses and Support

Licenses and support can be conveniently ordered through our XLT Portal. You can instantly download licenses and purchase support right when needed. All your invoices and previous licenses (when purchased online) are accessible at any time.

We will notify you before your license or support runs out, so that you will never miss that again. This enables you to continue your daily automation and load testing work without interruption. Please note that we do not renew your contracts automatically, so no strings attached.

Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted. All credit card data is processed and secured by Stripe.

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