XLT 4.7.2 has been released


Release Overview

Xceptance released version 4.7.2 of its load testing and test automation product Xceptance LoadTest. This is a bug fix release and an update is recommended.

As always, this update is free for everyone.

Script Developer

  • Script Developer has been made compatible with Firefox 49.
  • A script that is currently open in an editor tab could be shown as empty even though it wasn’t. This happened when closing other script tabs or when reloading the test suite after deleting some scripts on disk.
  • If you have selected several commands and module calls in a script and you try to extract them into an own module, the newly created module might not contain all of the selected script items, but only the first few items.
  • Recently, Script Developer added support for multi-line JavaScript expressions in “Eval” commands. Unfortunately, all line formatting was lost when the script was reloaded from disk.
  • When exporting a test script to Java, its data sets file was not copied next to the generated class, unlike all the other data files.


  • Script test cases exported to Java will now automatically create screenshots at the end of each action when being used with native Web drivers. The same is true for test cases that inherit from AbstractWebDriverTestCase, but make sure that you have structured your test cases into actions. Open the result browser to view the series of screenshots taken.
  • When running Java test cases, which have been exported from script test cases, with XltDriver as the underlying Web driver, the page for the last action was missing in the result browser.
  • Data files of exported script test cases, such as test case data or package-level data, are now loaded as resources. This way, test case classes and their data files may not only be located in the file system, but in JAR files as well.

Load Testing

  • When using ec2_admin to print the corresponding master controller configuration for a set of AWS machines, the generated agent controller names will now also contain the region in which the respective machine is running.
  • When listing the available AMIs, ec2_admin now displays the AMI’s name tag and shows its description only if no name tag is present.
  • When starting the master controller in embedded mode, several log messages were printed directly to the console.
  • Request merge rule indexes with leading zeros are not supported and cause the report generator to quit with an error. The error message it shows is much more helpful now.

XLT Jenkins Plug-In

  • Now passing state to subsequent build actions as environment variables works again, without having to specify “-Dhudson.model.ParametersAction.keepUndefinedParameters=true” on the command line of Jenkins. If you have used this workaround to get our plug-in working, don’t forget to remove this setting now.

Download and More Information

You can find more information about the latest release here. Download the latest release from our homepage.

As always, this update is free of charge for every user. You can use XLT freely for your daily automation work, egression testing, and performance validation.

Licenses and Support

Licenses and support can be conveniently ordered through our XLT Portal. You can instantly download licenses and purchase support right when needed. All your invoices and previous licenses (when purchased online) are accessible at any time.

We will notify you before your license or support runs out, so that you will never miss that again. This enables you to continue your daily automation and load testing work without interruption. Please note that we do not renew your contracts automatically, so no strings attached.

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